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Our website, like many others, stores and retrieves information on your browser using cookies. This information is used to make sure the site works correctly and to help us understand how people access and interact with the site.

What cookies do we use

Strictly necessary cookies

  • SESS Cookie | stored for 23 days | You’ll get this cookie whenever you login to our website. It essentially keeps you signed in and allows you to move through our web pages - or come back at a later date - without having to login again.
  • has_js | stored until browsing session ends | This records whether your device has javascript, it's necessary for the site's pages to function correctly.
  • YII_CSRF_TOKEN | stored until browsing session ends | this stores a randomised code which allows you to access surveys through the MRFGR site. We basically use this code to distinguish users.
  • PHPSESSID | stored until browsing session ends | this stores your ID so that we can remember your place as you fill out an online survey.
  • cookieconsent_status | stored for 1 year | this remembers whether you have allowed cookies or not.

Tracking cookies

The following cookies are used with Google Analytics and we use them to get a better understanding of how people are accessing our site (what pages they go to, how long they stay on a web page, approximate geographic location etc). It's useful for helping us to improve the site in the future. The data is held and managed by Google. It's also worth noting that some of these tracking cookies store your IP as a way to differentiating you from other users and to infer roughly where you're geographically based (only the general area, not a specific location or address). If you do not allow cookies, none of these will be enabled.

  • _utma | stored for 2 years | stores the amount of visits (for each visitor), the time of the first visit, the previous visit, and the current visit.
  • _utmb & _utmc | stored for 30 minutes | used to check approximately how fast people leave: when a visit starts, and approximately ends (c expires quickly). If you look at cookie state changes (e.g. using firecookie), you will see these change regularly.
  • _utmt | stored for 10 minutes | Used to throttle request rate
  • _utmz | stored for 6 months | records whether the visitor came from a search engine (and if so, the search keyword used), a link, or from no previous page (e.g. a bookmark).

A note on third party cookies

Some features on the site are managed by third parties, and they therefore manage the cookies for those particular features. Specifically, these are:

How to disable cookies

On the pop-up that appears when you load up the website at the bottom of the screen, just click, "Decline" and all cookies will be disabled - with the exception of those which are labelled "Strictly necessary" (please see above).

How can I delete my cookies?

If you want to restrict or block the cookies we set, you can do this through your browser settings. If you're unsure, the "help" function can tell you how.

You could also visit, which contains comprehensive information on cookies on a wide variety of browsers. You’ll also find details on how to delete cookies from your computer.

Once you have deleted cookies from your browser - specifically the cookie "cookieconsent_status" from, you will be able to revisit the site and change your cookie settings, by either selecting "Decline" or "Allow cookies" (depending on your choice).

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