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Qualitative Market Research Facilitation and Moderation

Gain premium insight through established market research moderators and make smart decisions.

At MRFGR, we offer a team of excellent PhD trained specialists with experience in consumer, medical, c-suite, political, and business-to-business moderation, along with child-friendly, CRB checked consultants who are able to help you connect with younger audiences. Whether you're conducting a focus group, depth interview, online research, consumer testing or ethnographic study, we have the right moderator, the knowledge, and the experience to facilitate the sessions and obtain high-quality findings that you can use to improve upon your business potential.

Quote & Project Feasibility.


We love quoting, so are more than happy to freely discuss project feasibility and provide quotes for any number of research projects with no obligation or hassle; after-all everyone needs some help when working out costs or even when tendering or pitching to clients!

A great moderator is essential

Qualitative moderation is one of the key cornerstones of any successful market research campaign; they offer a conduit between your starting goal and the end-results. In short, they get answers to the questions posed in your planning phase, all while delivering them in a clear and concise format so that you're best informed when taking the next steps for your business.

If you're looking for some essential tips to perfectly moderate a market research session, make sure to check out our published article which includes expert advice and detailed strategies to getting the best from your respondents.

Our Approach

Good market research moderation begins with a thorough understanding of your main aims and goals. An initial briefing call will take place between you and a member of our skilled qualitative team to discuss what you're looking to grain from your market research project; this information will then be used to craft a comprehensive and professionally styled discussion guide which we believe will suitable obtain the right detail you need.

In the lead-up to your project, there will be opportunities to refine and improve upon the guide that we have already built. Our team will work alongside you to assist in making any tough decisions or helping to expand upon the questions, topics, and instructions that have already been set.

All of our moderation begins and ends with an 'on the ground' briefing, meaning you have time to personally connect with the moderator and further-clarify on areas of importance, sticking points, or sections where greater depth or attention is needed - you may also use this opportunity to highlight any final, last-minute slight changes to the guide. Room will be left in all research discussions for client interjections, usually at a break when the moderator will leave the room to speak with the client privately. Then, at the end of the research, the moderator will provide you with a verbal interpretation of the findings which will later be summarised into written bullet-points later that evening / early the next morning.

A summary executive report or additional analysis will also be provided if requested by the client.

Moderation is essential, so don't take any chances and get a specialist moderator for your research project today. Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.

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