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Quickly Test & Validate Your Business Names, Logos & Concept Ideas

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Be confident in your ideas through validated research results from a reputable international market research agency.

Perfect for: Entrepreneurs | VC's, Angels & Syndicates | Business Incubators | Marketing & Creative Agencies | Branding & Design Agencies | Companies with Frequent New Product & Service Release Lifecycles.

  • LOW COST - £749 + VAT
  • Test Name or Brand or Concept or All Together (Same Price).
  • 100 People from our Select, Screened & Continually Monitored Consumer Panel.
  • Quick & Easy Onboarding.
  • Hands-off, No Fuss, Fully Managed by Our Team.

Finally a way to have confidence in your ideas and know you've made the right decisions through market research consensus.

Quote & Project Feasibility.


We love quoting, so are more than happy to freely discuss project feasibility and provide quotes for any number of research projects with no obligation or hassle; after-all everyone needs some help when working out costs or even when tendering or pitching to clients!

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Clients - Who Typically Tests Ideas with Us?

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Currently our idea testing service is utilised mainly by UK & US clients wanting to test their business name, logo and/or concept ideas through our dedicated feedback panel of either 100 UK Consumers or 100 US Consumers (we can also provide a mix of both where required).

We are expanding our panels all the time so if you have a particular country outside the UK or US that you’d like to test your idea on we can certainly accommodate these types of requests e.g. Sweden, Japan, China, Israel, Australia, or other country panels.

Our usual client base for idea testing is ideally suited to entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business angels, investment syndicates, business incubators, marketing & creative agencies, branding & design agencies, or any large companies that have a high volume, fast pace, new product and service offering type model.

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Onboarding - What is the Onboarding Process?

hammock between two palm trees suggesting a very easy onboarding process for concept testing

Clients who wish to test an idea will experience a very efficient and simple onboarding process.

We pride ourselves on not being a self-serving platform and instead provide a highly personalised and hands-on expert service through our friendly and knowledgeable internal team.

In a nutshell, you tell us what you want to test, we tell you how we usually go about the process of testing (we have a tried and tested survey methodologies) and then we manage the whole process for you; from survey design & delivery, panel response management, through to final reporting.

Our team are happy to work via any and all communications methods including telephone calls, video chat, and/or email.

We generally operate on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 9am - 5pm when all our teams are in the offices, but for clients outside this time zone we can make specialist arrangements to ensure you can speak to us at any time that is convenient to you.

In a nutshell, in terms of your time, the whole onboarding process can take as little as 15 mins, and then we can just get on with the job and get those results to you within a 24 hour window.

security camera suggesting high level of idea protection through the use of NDAs

NDA - How do you Protect my Ideas?

security camera suggesting high level of idea protection through the use of NDAs

Obviously one of the main concerns with testing ideas of any type are the protection of those ideas. To this end we take Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) very seriously.

Generally, not only will we sign a NDA with you as the clients but all our surveys are pre-programmed with a digital NDA which the respondent has to check and accept before they continue with the survey and assessment of the ideas proposed. Where required, we can also change these NDA scripts to your own preferred version.

Additionally, it should be noted that all our respondents are selectively screened and professionally verified by our internal teams, so not only do we record their agreement to an NDA - along with their associated IP address - but we also have their associated details. This means in the ‘extremely’ unlikely event of someone contravening their NDA agreement we have the information and means for a successful action to be taken against them.

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Surveys - Types/Examples

man comparing two apples suggesting logo testing and comparison

We advise to use our own surveys and question format, but are equally open to using your own survey and questions if you so prefer.

We can work with most survey technology solutions including 'LimeSurvey', ‘Qualtrics’, ‘Survey Monkey’, ‘Google Forms’, ‘Optimal Workshop’, ‘Qualaroo’ and many more.

The four types of idea testing survey include:

Name Testing

An example of the survey for testing names can be seen here.

Logo Testing

An example of the survey for testing logos can be seen here.

Concept Testing

An example of the survey for testing concepts can be seen here.

(All the Above) Testing

An example of the survey for testing all of the above including names, logos and branding in one go can be seen here.

man looking at laptop with cup of coffee suggesting great name testing panel

The Panel - How it’s Made Up and Managed

man looking at laptop with cup of coffee suggesting great name testing panel

The core of our business and our oldest most successful service has always been respondent selection & panel management; we’re basically ‘the’ experts in this area and we’ve got 1000s of clients that can attest to this fact. To that end, we really know our stuff when it comes to creating panels, and the ‘Ideas Panel’ used for this particular service is no exception.

At the moment, we have two dedicated idea testing panels, one for the UK and one for the US, both with 100+ (we always over-subscribe the panel to allow for contingency and attrition) panel respondents.

All of the respondents have been specially selected on a variety of factors, including assessment of their past interaction with us on our other market research projects across the years. Basically, we want to ensure that anyone taking a survey in the assessment of our clients’ business ideas/logos/concepts are fully invested and make considered responses (as opposed to blindly blasting through a survey without much thought). So not only do we have a very good relationship with them, but we also have supportive underlying technologies that - for example - report to us on how long an individual spends on a specific question (or set of questions) and thus continually monitor their interaction and assure us of their invested participation.

Deliverables - How do I see the Results?

The final result deliverables come in the form of a spreadsheet (all the typical export types are available) with all the responses, which can easily be manipulated to tease out any further information or trends.

Should you need to present the findings to an investor or important stakeholders, we can as an extra service (as mentioned below) provide an executive report supporting findings.

All findings are backed by MRFGR as proof of professional validation.

Extras - What if I Need Something Slightly Different?

We know our express idea test concept is a very well received, tried and tested service, but we’re not restricted in how we execute this provision. Sometimes clients want something slightly different to the norm and in those instances we can certainly discuss and include these where applicable.

For example some clients request the following additional services/requirements:

- Different countries other than the UK & US panels;
- A mix of the UK & US panels (usually 50/50 split);
- Additional country panels e.g UK, US and China.
- More specialist panels e.g. UK Marketing Expert Panel, US Medical Panel, etc.
- Additional questions to those advised via the standard Express service.
- Different reports outputs;
- And many more such change requests.

In these instances we can support nearly all requests but they will change the price and timings of the project. A quote can be easily provided on request.

Continuing On - Further Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research.

It should be noted that this is one of many of MRFGR’s market research services. Usually the idea testing service is used to get a very quick response on an early stage idea. In many instances the results of such a survey further highlight additional areas of research, or the results lead to the creation of a new product or service that at some point then requires additional qualitative and quantitative research to ensure the very best results amongst their target demographic (and ultimately to dramatically increase revenues). Such services can be seen linked below, but should you have any questions or queries about these services or you want to know how to get the most out of the market research process, please do not hesitate to contact us for some FREE NO OBLIGATION advice.


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