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Achieving High Attendance with less than 2 Working Days Lead-time

Read about the speediness and flexibility which allowed us to deliver crucial results to our client within short timelines and still achieve incredibly high attendance levels.

MRFGR have been recruiting general members of the public to attend remote focus groups on the subject of COVID-19. The project involved working to extremely tight timelines and recruiting a full group of participants within 24-48hrs, along with 1 day turnarounds on transcription. In the end, MRFGR recorded 98% turnout across all groups and the project was a major success

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General Public Research - UK - Coronavirus

At MRFGR, we have been working on a number of healthcare related projects within the last week, while also recruiting hard-to-reach participants for both B2B and consumer research. We always strive to deliver quality participants who fully meet the recruitment brief while also maximising turnout as much as possible (maintaining our standard 97.5% attendance rate), but certain projects do put us to the test and allow us to flex our market research muscles, particularly when it comes to time demands.

MRFGR recently signed off a project with a well-known university who were looking to engage with members of the general public on the subject of the COVID-19 pandemic. Research into ongoing emergencies / situations is always extremely time sensitive and this project was no different, with our client wanting to begin the research within 2 days from project sign-off.

Their requirement was for multiple 90min focus groups (taking place via Zoom) with 12 participants in each session. Urgent turnaround time on transcription was also necessary with our client needing to receive transcripts within 24hrs-48hrs after each group.

A recruitment screener was drafted, approved, and launched through our online screening tool on the same day as project sign-off. This allowed us to hit our database hard and fast as we prioritised the initial, more urgent, focus groups when booking participants in.

Just because we had a very limited lead-time, we still took the same MRFGR standard approach of screening participants online, calling them to schedule their session and reconfirming their criteria. We continually managed respondents with reminders, including on the morning of their session to double-confirm their attendance.

We successfully recruited the required candidates, managed the scheduling process (ensuring everyone had the right Zoom links, tested their device for compatibility issues, etc), and handled the transcription from Zoom video recordings, with the transcription team often working outside of office hours to get these turned around within the extremely tight time limit.

MRFGR were asked to handle incentives and paid all respondents the agreed amount within 3 days of their research group.

In the end, our client was incredibly happy with the data they managed to obtain from our extremely enthusiastic and chatty participants.

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